We all have that one friend on Facebook who has a tendency to “Like” and repost dozens of pictures, blog articles, and videos eventually spamming our newsfeed. And yet, despite the spam flooding your newsfeed, you find yourself tempted to click on them. What sorcery are they using to make us compulsively click these links and how can we use these tactics in our advertising?

Well in this article, I’ll tell you how. It’s all due to experienced targeting and great content creation.

From targeting users’ who are located within a 10 mile radius of a city, to those who are planning to travel to Australia within the next year– when it comes to targeting on Facebook, the options are endless. But even with the best targeting on Facebook, if the content isn’t great, it won’t reach very far.

So, what should you do to ensure that your content reaches your target audience?

Find an Attractive Image

It’s scientifically proven that attractive, high resolution images are extremely pleasing to the human eye.

A great image has the capability of causing sexual stimulation (overt or subconscious), stimulating feelings from previous experiences, and even goes as far as peaking a persons curiosity/inquisitive tendency. Images are capable of leaving deep impressions on readers, which is why it is crucial to select a quality picture that compliments your website and content.

When selecting an image, remember to make sure that it matches what your content is about AND can also be found in your content somewhere. Because for a reader, the one thing that’s worse than a dead link is not being able to find the content they wanted to see in the first place.

Create a Catchy Title

My personal favorites are the ridiculous titles created on Buzzfeed:

“20 Top Best Incredible Things You Have Yet To See” or “The 50 Craziest Things You Have To Try”

As silly as they are, these titles create FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and are usually really fun to read. And let’s be serious here, no one wants to miss out on the fun stuff.

Title creation also relies heavily on your business model, so if your business is on the more professional side, these fun titles probably won’t be able to grab the attention your target audience. So instead, you might want to follow a more skillful approach, such as creating informative titles:

Free Online Resources For Small Businesses” or PSA: The California Drought is Becoming a Huge Issue

Creating catchy titles take time and experience. So don’t be afraid if you get writers block, as you can always Google a few ideas.

Develop ‘Bookmark-Worthy’ Content

Bookmark-worthy means that the content provides so much value to your readers that they’re willing to save it and possibly even share it with their friends later.

I cannot emphasize how important good content is. You may have the most gorgeous image and the greatest title, but if your content is awful and lacks any value to your readers, there will be little to no ROI.

So, you want good content? Well, there are two ways to go about this:

1. Write your own content and get really good at it OR
2. Hire a writer and/or content creator + a great editor

There isn’t really an easy way to go about this. You either get really good at producing your own content or you sacrifice your wallet to someone more experienced because, lets face it, hiring an amateur can sometimes cost you more than hiring a professional.

All in all, Facebook targeting has made it much easier for advertisers to reach their audience, but in order to reach their target audience successfully, your content must be attractive, fun, and give some sort of value to your readers.

And at the end of the day if it’s not something you would click on, it’s probably not worth posting.

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