These past 4 months with Directive Consulting, I’ve read countless articles and binge listened to podcasts (my favorite: PNR: This Old Marketing) to learn all I can about this crazy world called “Content Marketing.” I’ve come to the realization that there isn’t a “one size fits all” way to go about it. 

As much as we all want to have viral content like Buzzfeed, we need to set realistic expectations and goals for our particular business.

For us content creators who have the local “minor league” clients, we might think to ourselves, “where do I start to build an online presence for this company?”

The answer is simple: Resources.

You’ve probably read time after time that in order to build your company’s brand, the least you should have is an active blog and social media presence. While that is 100% true, a resource page can potentially be the true goldmine of your site.

Here at Directive Consulting, we’ve decided to take a unique approach to how we are doing Content Marketing in the next year.

The Power of a Resource Page 

What exactly is a resource page?

A resource page is a unique group of articles targeted around a specific topic.

With a quality resource hub, you can bring more organic traffic to your site. With high-quality content, you can turn each visitor into potential lifelong customers or subscribers for less than half the price you would pay relying on SEO and PPC alone. You have the potential to rank higher in search engines for specific keyword phrases with something as simple as a quality article. 

Started from the bottom (of the SERPs) and you’re not there….. yet. 

For example, you’re a local rat control company, what do potential customers want when they come looking for your services?

Information. Easy to comprehend information that they can use to get rid of their rat problem as fast as possible.

But how do you know exactly what people are looking for? How do you get into their head? 

We’ve found a snazzy new tool that has made resource content a breeze.

Introducing: Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a tool which allows you to pinpoint exactly what your target audience is searching for. Simple enough right? Let’s go through the process together.

Step 1: Insert one of your services or a query someone with a rat problem would search for. For a rat control company, we will use “rats in the attic.” Change the country to “US” then press the “Get Questions” button. 

content marketing

Step 2: Probably the best part of using this tool is the visualization of the dozens of questions found on Google and Bing. Here you’ll see exactly what people with rats in their attic want to know. All the hard work is done for you!

content marketing

Step 3: Choose the top 3-5 questions centered around this topic and generate the best content found on the internet. It’s important to only pinpoint the “I need help” queries. Simply put, you want to focus on questions people searching for a rat control company might ask. Avoid the “help myself” queries that would generally create the “do-it-yourself” type content we often see plastered all over the internet today. 

So you’ll want to focus on the “why”, “which,” “when”, “who” and sometimes “how” questions.

Some good questions include:

Why do rats go in the attic?

How do rats get in the attic?

Are rats in the attic common?

Step 4: Create timeless and unique resource content that readers can come back to for years to come.

An example of a company who is winning the resource content game is Scotts Lawn Service.

With a smaller domain authority, they prove that with quality content people are craving, you can rank for just about anything relating to your services.

Cleverly named “The Lawnopedia,” they’ve given you the complete guide to everything lawn including weeds, insects, and lawn care. Possibly everything one would need to know can be found in this resource hub.

content marketing

Not convinced this is all you need? Let’s do a Google search of “broadleaf weeds.”

content marketing

Scott’s Lawn Service organically ranks first and second. Proof this formula works.

Building Your Resource Hub

  • Decide which keyword phrases you would like to rank for, but be realistic. A little keyword research will come in handy here. If you already have amazing content, choose the best posts and start from there.
  • Format your page to be easily navigated, and readability to be crystal clear with added introductory content.
  • Create persuasive, clickable headlines.
  • Analyze your content on a monthly basis.

Resources pages are necessary for any business seeking to create a better customer experience and probability to rank higher in the SERPs. Content can be as visually creative as you like but ultimately, you want it to be functional and informative.

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