Your customer is searching. The question is: “Will they find you?”

…let’s assume they can find you.

What are they looking for? Reviews. In BrightLocal’s 2014 Local Consumer Review they found that 88% of the 2,104 respondents read reviews before making a purchasing decision with a business.

Who would you choose to do business with?

how to get reviews for my local business

Take a moment to look at what happens when you type your keywords into Google. Do they trigger the “local pack”? If they do, having reviews is essential. Below I have outlined some simple ways to make reviews apart of your business. At the bottom, we have also added a sweet review handout from WhiteSpark that you can customize for your business.

#1: Call Them!

Okay, maybe you are multi-million dollar business and this isn’t practical. But, if you are a typical small business owner there is no better way to build relationships with your customer and receive awesome feedback. I get it, you are busy and getting reviews is not high on your priority list, but getting customer feedback should be. Learn what you did well, what could be improved and get an awesome review.

Pro tip: Have them leave the review while you are on the phone chatting.

#2: Add Reviews to Your Invoicing

Most businesses have an invoicing process.  If you invoice clients on a regular basis think about adding something simple like: “Love your experience? Review us on Google+”. You can use this same approach if you do receipts instead of invoices.

Pro tip: You don’t need to offer discounts for reviews. Focus on relationships.

#3: Remarketing

Do you have an online payment confirmation page? If so, a great way to get reviews is to add a remarketing tracking code to your confirmation page so that you can only tag customers who purchased. A simple image that says: “Love us? Leave us a Review! Google+, Yelp, Facebook. Your Choice.” will do the trick.

Pro tip: Google will create a remarketing ad for you, just enter your URL. If you aren’t doing remarketing yet, we highly advise you start. Think of it as 21st century billboard advertising.

#4: GetFiveStars

Mike Blumenthal is a thought leader in local seo and has an awesome service: Simply put, GetFiveStars sends an email to your client list asking for their feedback about your business. If they leave you a good review, GetFiveStars will ask them to leave you a review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp. It’s a geat way to protect yourself from bad reviews and get good ones.

Pro tip: Most people don’t want to leave a review twice so followup with people who left great feedback. Phone calls are king.

#5: Add Instructions in the Footer of Your Website

Reviews are more complicated than we think…Google+ especially. Help your customer out and add some instructions to the footer of your website. Here is a great example of a footer that does this:

Pro tip: Be helpful. These websites don’t always make leaving a review simple.

leaving reviews

Here are a couple more resources that will help:

Click here for an awesome review handout!

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