SEO & PPC strategy helps exceed lead generation goals by 500%

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EasyVista is a global software provider of intelligent service automation solutions for enterprise service management and self-help. Leveraging the power of ITSM, Self-Help, AI, and Micro Apps to create customer-focused service experiences, EasyVista has helped companies improve employee productivity, reduce operating costs, and increase customer satisfaction.


increase in Conversion Rates


increase in Lead Volume


reduction in Cost Per Acquisition

Dominating Search & Mental Real Estate Wins Big For ServiceChannel

SEO & PPC strategy helps exceed lead generation goals by 500%

LinkedIn ABM advertising strategy leads to 31% increase in paid leads QoQ

Alpha/Beta campaign segmentation strategy drives 78% MQL increase in under 6 months

Free trial lead generation strategy leads to 238% conversion rate increase

ActivePDF is a leading global provider of server-side PDF automation and digital transformation software. Its suite of solutions enables business teams to create, convert, modify, view, extract, and automate data to and from PDF files within software applications.

ActivePDF technologies are represented amongst 40% of Fortune 500 companies and can be utilized across a variety of industries including banking, financial services, government, health care, legal and more.

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Increase in lead volume QoQ


Decrease in CPA QoQ


Increase in conversion rate QoQ

Leveraging third-party directories accelerates bottom-of-funnel conversion rates by 336%

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