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From single keyword ad groups to dedicated landing pages, we believe that truly groundbreaking pay per click advertising is founded upon a detailed foundation & constant optimization.

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Directive Consulting truly knows their PPC. We have spent almost a million dollars in Google Adwords these last few years averaging 2% conversion rates at best. Since Directive Consulting has taken over, we have decreased our cost per acquisition by 70% and increased our conversion rate to 14%. Safe to say I highly recommend for anyone serious about getting measurable success. 

Omri Ben-Gis

Director of Marketing, Green Rat Control


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Directive has been very professional and thorough in terms of monthly reports, which was important to me. More than simply showing results, I appreciated the amount of detail we’ve received.

Adam Kadela

VP of Marketing in US, DexaFit

Custom Designed Landing Pages

We build focused landing pages that generate results.

The Details


Transparent Pricing

We aren’t interested in complex pricing schemes. We believe billing should be simple.

Detailed Call Tracking


Not all phone calls are the same. We measure and monitor calls for optimal ROI.

Custom Landing Pages

5078 Custom Landing Pages

Without involving your development team, we create custom landing pages for each campaign. With detailed AB testing on a constant basis, we strive for double digit conversions on every search campaign.


5078 Remarketing

Visitors that have been to your website are 2-3x more likely to convert. We make sure to segment and speak to them often with targeting remarketing campaigns. 

100% Control

We don’t want to own your first party data. It’s yours and we promise to keep it organized. 

Targeted Traffic


You deserve qualified leads from qualified keywords. We are more interested in business objectives then marketing.

Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs)

5078 skag

Improving your quality scores is a key driver of performance and decreasing cost per click. We take the time to mine your search term report for the most profitable opportunities and architect a robust foundation built on single keyword ad groups.

Conversion Rate Optimization

5078 Conversion Rate Optimization

With best in class tools, our PPC management team monitors user recordings, heat maps, funnel analysis, and form drop-offs to maximize your conversion funnel and opportunities.