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We help enterprise brands take a data-first approach to their
digital PR with a core focus on revenue generation.

Grow your business with a
world-class digital PR agency.

We strategically build relationships in your industry for your brand
and position you to improve brand awareness for your target audience.

More than press releases

We do more than what traditional public relations firms do.

Core metrics

Digital PR is not just about reach and pickup. We use metrics that align with your business goals.

Link building

We have an integrated approach with digital PR and strategic link building.

Weekly communication

A clear line of communication to ensure our digital PR efforts are impactful.

“Over the last month, we’ve generated the highest number of demo requests of all time.
Tyler Riddell
VP of Marketing

Every strategy we pitch puts you
in front of your target audience.

More than press releases

Digital PR Isn’t Just About Press Releases and Fluff

It’s about strategically positioning your brand to be discovered by your ideal customer persona at the right time in the right places. With our deep expertise in keyword and audience research, we take a completely fresh approach to your public relations efforts.

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Core metrics

Reach and Pickup Shouldn’t Be Core Metrics

Reach and pickup metrics don’t correlate to opportunities, deals, or revenue. You need a team that’s aligned with metrics that actually move the needle. We align our work with the metrics you care about most.

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Link building

Backed by industry analysis and customer buying trends.

By understanding your audiences’ watering holes, we are able to strategically position you as a thought leader and increase the bottom of funnel traffic to the pages that actually turn prospects into clients. Your brand deserves to be discovered, we make that happen.

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Weekly communication

Weekly Communication and Reporting Should be the Norm

With our agile team and lean structures, we are able to quickly adapt to your unique situation and rapidly earn your brand the coverage it craves. Stop wondering what your PR firm is doing and start experiencing what you expected.

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Directive provides a true team-based approach...
Mike Greeves
Head of Digital

A Digital PR Deliverable That Completely Challenges The Status Quo

Messaging & Positioning

We dive into your brand identity, master your messaging, and position you ideally within your industry.

Media Outreach

By leveraging our vast network of media contacts and innovative software tools, we earn you coverage and strategically position you to be discovered when your ideal customer is looking to buy the products or services you sell.

Audience Building & Amplification

Every piece of content you create deserves to be discovered. On search engines, that means only writing content that can actually rank. For social, that means leveraging advanced psychographics that turns impressions into opportunities.

Thought Leadership

You have a world-class brand that’s differentiated by your opinions and approach. Whether it’s earning you that next speaking gig or getting you featured on your industry’s top blog we don’t rest till we earn you the recognition your brand deserves.

Brand Reputation

Your brand deserves to be discovered in a positive light. To accomplish this, we monitor brand mentions, fix broken backlinks, disavow harmful links, and negate harmful content to your brand.

Digital PR that integrates seamlessly with your digital marketing strategy.


Digital PR campaigns that drive organic value.

Google is an extremely powerful tool to increase your brand awareness. When SEO is kept in mind, digital PR can utilize keyword research and search intent targeting techniques to ensure you are visible at each step of the funnel.

Brand Awareness

Improving brand discoverability through digital PR.

Similar to traditional PR services, digital PR is all about improving brand awareness and brand equity in the eyes of potential customers. Through strategic digital PR placements and partnerships, we can achieve just that.

Content Marketing

Creative content marketing campaigns that improve brand equity.

Our creative content marketing strategies are focused to improve link building and brand awareness through thought leadership. With strategic guest posting and link placements, we can boost overall brand equity in your industry.

Social Media

Social media platforms are the launchpad of digital PR campaigns.

With our deep understanding of social media success, we can pull together our content marketing and SEO to boost our social media efforts and utilize that as a launchpad for digital PR reach.

Commonly asked questions.

What is digital PR?

Digital PR is an integrated online marketing approach with the goal of increasing online presence. Digital PR oversees strategies like brand awareness and brand equity campaigns, speaking engagements, press releases, and customer engagement. It also is highly incorporated into SEO and content marketing practices like link building.

What is the difference between digital PR and traditional PR?

Digital PR is public relations that are aligned with your online marketing strategies. Traditional PR encompasses all of those public relations best practices that do not have an online presence, such as event coordination, reputation management, and more.

How can your digital PR team help us grow our business?

Our digital PR team takes an in-depth look at your current digital PR efforts and determines what is currently working and what is not. We then cover a breadth of subjects, such as strategic communications, media relations, thought leadership, and more, in order to increase our presence online. Our goal is to take each of these tactics and implement them into your digital marketing strategy to catalyze growth across social media, SEO, and paid advertising.

What types of businesses do you have experience working with?

We have worked with a range of clients across all verticals, including B2B, enterprise, eCommerce, retail brands, and B2C, direct-to-consumer, and more.

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