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Social Media Agency: Advertising & Consulting

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Helping You Reach the Right Social Audience


With custom audiences and detailed segmentation, we make sure your brand gets out to the RIGHT audience, and not just the biggest one.

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Social promotion is where we shine. 

We have extensive experience working with a number of social media platforms including :

3m1T0      YbENr      hJCcH      rLvDq      GtfNt

Directive has a breadth of skilled people, including individual specialists for pay per click, SEO, engagement management, blog writing, social media marketing, and initial investment strategy…I highly recommend them.

Gil Ben-Dov

CEO, TotalPhase

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Our Custom Process


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Features You Will Love

Pixel Tracking


We install a tracking codes on your website to make sure all of your site visitors are being retargeted while monitoring which ads are leading to the most conversions.

Campaign Creation


We’ll create campaigns based on your specific company goals. These include boosting content posts, generating website clicks, increasing product sales, and more!

Custom Audiences


Have a long list of lead’s emails or phone numbers? We’ll create a custom audience with it for direct re-targeting.

Targeted Audiences


You don’t just want traffic, you want the right traffic. We’ll do the research to make sure your ads are reaching the perfect audience.



You decide the budget, we implement it. While some advertisers only care about budgets, reaching your objectives is our primary focus.

A/B Testing


We’ll create several different ad variations and consistently track them to ensure your ads are performing the best they can.