Should Your B2B Marketing Be Interactive? [VIDEO]


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Should Your B2B Marketing Be Interactive? [VIDEO]

Hello, everyone! Today, we’re going to answer the question, “Should your B2B marketing be interactive? Should B2B interactive marketing even exist?”   Don’t miss a video! Subscribe on YouTube! [ Note: Learn or retain more by reading? We got you. Here is the video above in blog format. You’re welcome. ] The answer is yes! A thousand yeses! It […]

3 Must-Have B2B Market Research Tools That You Need Today [VIDEO]

Hello, B2B marketers! Today, we’re going to talk about 3 B2B market research tools that we use every day here, at Directive Consulting. Let’s explore this topic.   Don’t miss a video! Subscribe on YouTube! [ Note: Learn or retain more by reading? We got you. Here is the video above in blog format. You’re welcome. ] B2B […]

3 B2B Marketing Examples That You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet [VIDEO]

We’ve found 3 B2B marketing examples that you probably haven’t tried yet. We’re going to start at the bottom of the funnel and work our way up. Let’s dive in. Don’t miss a video! Subscribe on YouTube! [ Note: Learn or retain more by reading? We got you. Here is the video above in blog format. […]

Simple 8 Step Demand Generation Strategy [VIDEO]

A lot of times, as B2B marketers, we struggle with how to generate demand for our product or service and how to generate leads. So today, we’re going to talk about a demand generation strategy that will not only generate demand but also leads. Through this process, you’ll also be able to directly correlate marketing […]

3 of the Best B2B Marketing Websites That Will Inspire You [VIDEO]

Looking for inspiration to revamp your B2B website? In this week’s video, we’ll discuss 3 of the best B2B marketing websites that will inspire you. We’ll go over what we love most about each and why you should take notice — and notes. Let’s dive in!   Learn/retain more by reading? We got you. Here […]

Increase Leads & Revenue by Focusing On Marketing Impact, Not Activity.

In today’s fast-moving world, being a marketer means more than it used to. It used to mean that you could write some savvy sales copy, take a picture of a pretty woman, include the ad in the local newspaper, and then, so long as your product was appealing, watch clients flock to your business with […]

How to Build a Marketing Dream Team in 2018

Every year brings with it new and exciting developments for marketers. As it is, marketing is a fast moving industry — one where you definitely don’t want to get left behind. Getting left behind in the marketing world is the equivalent of losing your debit card in a grocery store line. Everyone is going to […]

Why Sales Reps are Your Smartest Marketers

Crappy in-house marketers are expensive. They charge you more money than they should, and they bring in fewer clients than they promise. Unfortunately, today’s world is crowded with lousy marketers. As social media has found its massive online footing, everyone who’s read Contagious by Jonah Berger or Purple Cow by Seth Godin considers themselves to […]

Brad Smithin
November 18, 2017

Why You Should Ditch Your Traditional Marketing Funnel (And Do This Instead)

Most marketers use the same funnel. It’s a funnel that starts with awareness and ends with conversion and retention. One that is meant for guiding a visitor to become a lead, a lead to become a customer, and a customer to become an evangelist. And it’s awful. For the marketers who are serious about growing […]

Brad Smithin
November 10, 2017

An Innovative Approach for Aligning Marketing with Sales

Not all clients are created equal. You’ve witnessed this first-hand as a B2B marketer. The number of prospects that tell you they’ll get back to you but never do, completely ignore your pitches, or outright unsubscribe from your email list is enough to dishearten the most motivated marketer. But you’re not disheartened, are you? Well, […]

Brad Smithin
October 7, 2017

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