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local seo company in orange county

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We Create Content that Users Read

and Search Engines Rank


Content marketing is no longer an option. Users and search engines alike want to know what truly makes your website unique. From awareness to conversion, we craft your story in a way that engages users and builds your brand.

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Directive is made up of great, intelligent people who are passionate about what they do. This is the main thing that separates Directive from other SEO companies and gives them good value for the price point.

Kursti Nakagawa

Marketing Manager, GPS Trackit

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Thought Leadership


The one thing that stands out is Directive’s dedication to finding new marketing avenues, and the latest changes being made in their field. They seem to always be going to seminars and increasing their knowledge, and are focused on gaining all the information and insight in the industry.

Joe Sennot

Banknote World

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local seo company in orange county

Industry Specific Writers

We deliver high-quality content for all of our clients, no matter the industry.

Insightful Promotion

From dedicated landing pages, homepage pop-ups, and remarketing campaigns, we help our clients increase ROI, sales volume, and more.

In-Depth Keyword Research

We dive deep! We find the best keywords and phrases for your site to keep you ahead of your competitors in rankings and domain authority.

Expert Editing

Grammar, organization, flow. We do it all. Every content piece is looked at carefully before publication. A missing period or comma? We’ll find it!

Cohesive Teams

Because every client deserves the best, we make sure our teams consist of experts from each department that work together on a daily basis to meet all client needs.

Impressive Design

Looking for awesome content images? A uniquely created infographic? Our design team is on it.

Link Building

With our link building strategy as the fuel, we rocket ship our clients to organic success. Great content is not enough, relevant and authoritative links are a must.

Social Promotion

Want to get your amazing content to more than just your regular followers? By using lookalike audiences and more, we promote content across multiple platforms.


We love providing our clients with a built-out and very detailed content marketing strategy on how to take business and content to the next level.


With a hands-on and dedicated account manager, we keep our clients updated with all the latest information through emails, update reports, and meetings.