On-Going SEO Analysis and Recommendations

Even the most comprehensive SEO overhaul isn’t over once you get the website fully optimized on a technical and on-page level.. A true SEO campaign requires continuous testing and analysis to see which changes are bringing in the most traffic and conversions. And updating your site to account for these new insights is how to keep your upward-trending graph pointed skyward.

What Is It?

Ongoing SEO Analysis is exactly what it sounds like. Continuing the analytics performed on your page will provide you with up-to-date information about how your pages are performing and what aspects need to be changed to account for shifts in user behavior. These changes are incredibly fluid and can have massive effects on your daily traffic if left unattended.

Keeping up with the analysis of your SEO campaigns is vital if you want to keep the traffic your site-modifications have generated and turn those leads into conversions. It’s also important to keep clearly established goals in mind when analyzing your different site-modifications. Blindly performing A/B Tests on randomly inspired alterations to your site is just going to waste time, energy, and capital. Establish clear goals and test parameters to make the efficacy of recommendations easier to evaluate.

Why Is It Important?

The importance of Ongoing SEO analysis has increased along with the development of more personalized blended search. Whereas search engines used to specify the SERPs based on assumed search intent and keyword relevance, search results today account for the variety of search intents and provide results to account for personally modified queries. Ten years ago a search for “In-n-Out” would pull up links to their page. Where now you see their home page, contact links, a map with local In-n-Outs within your proximity, and even news articles related to In-n-Out that have garnered enough recent attention to be seen as relevant in Google’s eyes.

This means two things. First: the search world is becoming more adaptive and reactive to users’ behavior. And second: SEO is a perpetually evolving field that requires constant observation and maintenance. If you are plugging-and-chugging, you’re going to be sorry when in a month or two all of the modifications to your site are no longer generating or increasing traffic and you have to start from scratch all over again.

In a world dominated by efficiency and innovation you want to be sure not to start any bad habits. Letting procedures and site-adaptations collect dust on the shelf is exactly how to let bad habits creep their way into your online marketing campaigns.

Why Us?

We look for partners, not projects. We are not some one-stop-shop website-makeover consulting firm. We not only do the due diligence necessary to get your site-modifications up and live, but we continually are looking for new changes and new tests to see how we can better improve your marketing campaign.

Optimizing your online marketing profile means making the most out of the seemingly endless options that search engines provide us. Partnerships are just like links. Building them to and from one another – with authoritative and trustworthy partners with connections of their own – we build not only your brand, but ours as well.

Continued SEO analysis is just one of the many ways we look for the stories we need to be telling. While being original and creative is a great skill, and has more than its fair share of uses in this field, what really pays is knowing where to look. Knowing where to look to find out what people are looking for – and developing content that is geared towards an already hungry audience – is how we take your site to the top, and how we keep it there.

In the end, analysis and recommendations are all we optimizers have at our disposal to truly understand how any given online marketing campaign is working or not. It’s how we identify problems as well as opportunities. And all it needs is the right tools, a clear goal and test parameters, and enough coffee to keeping it “ongoing” as long as you need.