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Learn CRO Best Practices

We review valuable best practices so you start off on the best foot when optimizing any page.

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Get an inside look at all of our favorite CRO test successes!

Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

We guide you through setting up CRO Tools and how to launch an actual A/B test in Google Optimize.

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Module details.

Our comprehensive CRO course contains 11 lessons and an interactive quiz. In our lessons, we’ll not only show you conversion rate optimization best practices and examples from winning tests, but we’ll walk you through live audits and step-by-step tutorials on how to set up CRO tests in Google Optimize. We’ll go over everything you need to know from setting up CRO tools, optimizing copy, how to prioritize and conclude A/B tests, and more. If you’re looking to increase conversions and get more out of the existing traffic, this course is for you.

Key Learning Objectives

Here are the main points you will learn within this CRO Course Module:

  • Understand the basics and different phases of CRO including Research, Hypothesis, Prioritization, Testing, and Learning.
  • Learn about the capabilities of and how to set up Hotjar and Google Optimize
  • Understand the best practices for how to optimize the copy and how to focus on the unique value propositions to persuade customers
  • Explore the different kinds of social proof and how social proof can build trust and drive more conversions
  • Understand which design elements are most important to focus on with CRO in mind
  • Discover best practices for creating a high-converting CTA, how to improve conversion rates with CTA testing, and how to craft an effective CTA
  • Understand the best practices for form creation and how to optimize forms for higher conversion rates
  • Learn how to prioritize elements for optimization and how to improve the website usability
  • See how to calculate statistical significance and how to conclude a CRO test based on your results
  • Launch a real A/B test within Google Optimize to better understand the platform as a whole
  • Understand how we formulated our tests and why certain tests were successful


Frequently Asked Questions

What tools will I need to complete the CRO Course module?

At the beginning of the course, you will only need a computer and a login. We will provide instructions for access to all the free tools, templates, and examples required for the course.

Do I need any prior knowledge of CRO in order to complete this module?

No, we designed this course so that you can effectively complete the lesson material without any prior knowledge.

What skills does this conversion rate optimization course aim to teach you?

Our conversion rate optimization (CRO) course aims to provide with enough skills to understand and be effective in A/B testing, design optimization, and CRO strategy and execution. You will learn everything from the basics of CRO to consumer psychology, and more.

Who should take this conversion rate optimization course?

This CRO course is meant for anyone who wants to learn about how to implement a CRO strategy that drives real results. We at Directive use this training platform for our own employees, so if you are looking to gain real insights on CRO for a new career or even just to be a more effective marketer, this CRO course is perfect for you.

Can I purchase just the CRO course and not the others?

Unfortunately, not at the moment. The entire CRO course module is available if you purchase the full Directive Institute course for $99.

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