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We help B2B software firms drastically increase organic SQLs.

From Cisco to Sumo Logic, we have successfully increased organic KPIs for some of the largest B2B companies in the world. We are proven to deliver and have mastered the B2B space.

A B2B SEO service that’s built for SQLs

Organic growth is a healthy blend of technical expertise and creative ingenuity. Unfortunately, individuals rarely possess both gifts. That’s why Directive pulls multiple consultants with multiple gifts onto your account for consistent organic growth.

SEO for B2B

We develop an SEO strategy that aligns with your B2B marketing strategy and business objectives.

B2B Specialists

Our team is filled with B2B specialists who have a deep understanding of the industry and how to market to other businesses.


Your business cannot grow unless other companies can find you. We make sure that you are completely discoverable at every step of the funnel.

Search Engine Experts

You must be able to understand how search engines work. Our team takes pride in our ability to understand and market across all search engines.

“Over the last month, we’ve generated the highest number of demo requests of all time.
Tyler Riddell
VP of Marketing

B2B SEO consulting that’s a breath of fresh air

SEO for B2B

SEO that’s been rethought for B2B

With a deep understanding of CRMs, funnels, and the entire B2B lead gen process, our SEO team knows exactly how to increase organic revenue, measure it accurately, and report confidently.

Unlike other agencies, we recognize the complexities of B2B and honor that by showing up in-person, learning what differentiates your business, and executing strategic campaigns that make your brand stand out organically.

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B2B Specialists

Actual B2B specialists on your account

We work hundreds of B2B accounts every year. With this experience, we are able to hit your organic goals in a much shorter time period.

Through carefully learning your industry, while pulling from our actual experience, we give you a powerful recipe for growth.

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Discoverable throughout the funnel

Almost every B2B industry has third-party review sites that have statistically proven to drive opportunities, deals, and revenue.

We focus our efforts on the entire funnel ensuring that your brand is found at every stage of the funnel in every possible location.

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Search Engine Experts

Work with SEO experts with a deep understanding of Google.

One of the most difficult parts of search engine optimization is the ability to learn how the search engine works, as well as how to interpret changes in the search engine and how those changes affect your business.

Our team at Directive has a deep understanding of how Google operates and creates a unique B2B SEO strategy around how to dominate in every SERP.

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Directive adds a lot of bandwidth to our team and provides focus in areas that we are not always able to dedicate time to, but that can have short and long-term impact. Their keen focus on SEO and their ability to provide content recommendations help us use our internal resources wisely and spend time where we know we can make a difference.
Sonya Hansen
Director of Demand Generation, Matillion

B2B SEO consulting as you imagined it

Detailed Project Phase

The initial SEO project sets up your entire organic efforts for success. We take our time to thoroughly audit every part of your site while simultaneously diving deep into learning what truly makes your business unique.

Core Page Audit and Creation

One of the biggest struggles in B2B is making sure you have content for every term that contains purchasing intent. We use detailed keyword research and planning to make sure you are discovered organically when it matters most.

Closed-Loop Analytics

With our in-house SQL team, we are able to pull from every API in the industry to give you unparalleled SEO data. In addition, we are able to blend CRM data with SEO data for expert insight and data-driven, strategic execution.

Proprietary Research

We don’t just guess when we make recommendations. We have proprietary research on over 15,000 companies from over 30 verticals. With this research, we are able to benchmark you against the competition and cut through the noise.

B2B Account Strategists

We give you real B2B SEO agency experts who have worked with some of the biggest players in the B2B space. Imagine having deep marketing conversations with someone who truly understands your business and has experience executing their recommendations.

A unique approach to B2B marketing.

B2B Keyword Research

Marketing to businesses is different, and so should your keyword research.

The chief technology officer of a large software company searches vastly different keywords compared to a consumer of retail goods. Therefore, the approach to keyword research needs to be vastly different.

Directive does in-depth product and intent-based keyword research to ensure that you are visible when your target audience searches for what you offer.

Lead Generation

Scalable lead generation campaigns to improve lead volume.

Directive creates lead generation campaigns to ensure that you are maximizing awareness and interest for the right keywords and search queries. By incorporating conversion rate optimization and link building, we work with your team to improve qualified leads.

Link Building

Personalized relationship-building = more backlinks.

When was the last time you received an email from a company, and they put your email as name (or vice versa)? Did you even think about responding, or did it go straight to the trash bin?

Gone are the times of templatized outreach. Our team of B2B link builders takes a strategic approach to develop personal relationships to not only improve your backlink profile but your brand equity as well.


Consistent on-page analysis to improve keyword rankings.

Your greatest organic opportunities often exist on pages that have already been built. We pair creative insights with historical experience to improve on-page targeting, improve your keyword rankings, and increase organic traffic to your website.

Commonly asked questions.

What experience do you have with B2B websites?

Our team’s foundation and expertise are with mid-market and enterprise B2B SaaS companies. We have worked with hundreds of B2B companies across many industries, but work primarily by software companies.

How do you measure B2B SEO Success?

Your business growth is our #1 priority. There are many SEO KPIs; however, we focus primarily on lead generation and revenue generated. Other KPIs we consider when looking at performance include organic traffic, backlinks generated, and more.

How do you incorporate SEO with other digital marketing efforts?

B2B SEO is only one facet of large-scale marketing campaigns, and there are many other players involved in driving business growth. Directive works with in-house and agency PPC, content marketing, paid social, product marketing, and marketing ops teams to ensure that we are aligned with overall business objectives.

What types of businesses do you have experience working with?

We have worked with a range of clients across all verticals, including B2B, enterprise, B2C, eCommerce, and more, but we primarily work with enterprise and mid-market software companies.

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