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Paid Social

Paid social ads for your software that stop
the scroll and start the sales cycle.

Get a powerful presence on the social feeds of your ideal prospects while lowering your opportunity cost.

Working with Directive Consulting has lowered our company’s advertising budget while drastically increasing our ROI.

Focused Strategy

Invest in the right platforms for growth.


Get insider data on all major platforms.


Attract more SQLs at a lower cost.


Keep building on winning results.

Paid Social
Paid Social

Ensure your growth is a constant against an ever-changing social media landscape.

Creating a presence on social media is a no-brainer. Knowing where to be, who to target, and how to advertise is a job for Directive.

We use data, industry knowledge, and multi-platform expertise to tap into wider markets at lower costs.

This is what our new paid social initiative did for:

“Every single quarter we've been breaking records. We never thought LinkedIn lead generation was going to be one of our highest performing channels. LinkedIn has been completely untapped territory and we're getting so many leads from that."

Emily Thompson

Marketing Manager/Demand Generation, Cosential
LinkedIn ad conversion rate
Increase in demo requests from paid channels MoM
Increase in demo requests over 9 month average
Paid Social
Paid Social

Take a look behind the curtain at our Paid Social process for software companies.

Invest in the platforms that create the most impact for your business.

Put time and capital where it counts the most.
Instead of spreading our resources thin across underperforming social channels, we find the platforms that perform the best for your brand and pour gas on the flames.

Benefit from our extensive cross-platform social media experience.

Get expertise that's always up-to-date.
Our team knows the changing trends and algorithms of the entire social media landscape, from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn - and even Reddit - so you don't have to.

Use customer behavior and buying trends to refine your targeting.

Reach the right leads. Reduce your CPA.
We analyze various datasets to create strategic targeting and retargeting campaigns that drive higher revenue at lower acquisition costs across all your social networks.

Get paid social results that can keep up with change.

Never plateau with adaptive campaigns.
Social media behavior changes at breakneck speeds. We continuously split test and optimize to ensure your paid social strategy is always getting results.


Smart questions, transparent answers.

What social media platforms are included in paid social advertising?

The primary social platforms are LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit; however, we have experience with other social media advertising platforms. Search engines like Google and Bing also serve as valuable tools for paid advertising as well.

How do you decide on KPIs for paid social advertising?

At the beginning of our engagement, we become completely aligned with your business goals in order to determine KPIs. Most of the time, the major KPIs include impressions, clicks, AOV (average order value), ROAS (return on ad spend), CLV (customer lifetime value), and more. These KPIs also vary depending on the platform that we are using and the marketing strategy we implement.

How does Directive measure success in paid social advertising?

We measure success based on ROI and revenue driven by our advertising campaigns. Our primary goal is to help you grow your business through various marketing channels.

Get effective social media ads
in front of the people hungry to see them.