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With custom audiences and detailed segmentation, we make sure your brand gets out to the right audience, and not just the biggest one. By identifying the optimal channel, frequency, post time, and the content medium, we drive B2B leads/sales across your social presence.

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Our Unique Social Approach

Research Social Channels
We take time to truly understand your target audience and where they are spending time online.
Collaborate With Content
Paid social and content creation work hand in hand to plan meaningful, effective campaigns.
Audience Building
We create custom audiences using email lists, tracking pixels, and persona profiles, and lookalike audiences to ensure the right people see your social ads.
Social Media Re-targeting
We use tracking pixels to segment out people who visit specific pages of your website. From there, we deliver relevant ads according to the content that they were interested in.
Ongoing Optimization
We’re constantly split testing images, ad copy, and audiences to ensure your ads and content are resulting in a high level of engagement.
Detailed Reporting & Analysis
Weekly updates include all social statistics to further optimize conversion rate, cost per engagement, and relevancy.

Social Networks We Work With

“I’ve seen improvements in a lot of different areas. We’re tracking a whole slew of metrics, and they’re almost all up because of Directive’s work.”

SHAUN BLACK Director of Global Marketing at Aegis

“Directive is the most transparent digital partner I have ever worked with and have certified experts in every service offering. They are results-driven which makes my job easy.”

TYLER RIDDEL VP of Marketing at eSUB

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