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I have spent a lot of money on many different types of marketing for my company (Yellow book, Yelp, Referral Groups, etc.) I heard about SEO and knew it was important. The only problem was I could not find an SEO company I could trust. Most companies would not stop cold calling me, or would not explain exactly what they provided. Directive Consulting has been the best marketing investment I have ever made. I have seen a large increase in the amount of business that I receive in my city. People use the Internet to find a Plumber and Directive Consulting has done a great job making sure I am in the right places to be found by these people. Even better, I have my own account manager that send me reports and calls me to explain everything in detail.

- Jeff Shaffer

Owner, Jeff Shaffer Plumbing

Garrett and team are dedicated, hardworking and a sheer asset to any client they work with. Within the first week, PeopleSpace ranking went from #3 to #2 and now the team is working hard to get us to #1! This team is also always striving to learn and is generous with their knowledge within our community. Thanks, Team Directive Consulting!

- Melinda Kim

Executive Director, PeopleSpace

We were blown away by the team’s knowledge and ability to hit the ground running. They are well versed on the most modern tools which is critical in such a dynamic industry. I Highly recommend getting them to help people find your business online!

- Rhett Molitor

Co-owner, Basis 365 Accounting

Directive Consulting has been running a series of classes, teaching a variety of individuals about various elements of SEO and SEM. I attended the first class as a test because I live in Temecula. In order for me to continue attending the classes (located in Irvine), I needed to ensure it would be worth my time. Needless to say, the first class was spot on and I have been attending ever since. Each class has been worth the drive and worth my time. Not only do I learn a lot during each class from Garrett, but I also learn a lot from the other attendees and ultimately leave there with unique ideas and new found inspiration and motivation. All in all, I can tell (along with the other attendees) that Garrett is not only knowledgeable in his field, but also does very well at keeping up with the ever-changing algorithms. He puts a lot of time and effort into his work: something that should be expected of anyone within their respective field(s), though sadly is not always the reality of the matter anymore. On the flip side, though, Garrett is humble enough to admit if he is unsure about the answer to a specific question instead of giving poor or misguided advice. It’s no secret that there is not any individual who can know it all; and I personally, highly respect those who can admit when they are unsure about the answer to a question, stand corrected on any given matter, and the like. He will, however, guide those questions towards alternate individuals who may be able to provide the needed answers or even offer to further research the question to the best of his ability. He follows through with this as well: always leaving and offering an open line of communication and even (as of recent) opening a forum-based communication system for those attendees who wish to use it. Aside from the classes, Directive Consulting also offers their services at very reasonable pricing when compared to the industry standard. Like many, month-to-month service plans are offered. However, Garrett also is willing to do “projects.” These are plans, unique to certain companies, that may be more beneficial than the standard month-to-month SEO/SEM packages. I highly recommend Directive Consulting’s services for those in need of increased standings via SEO and SEM. Furthermore, I highly recommend attending the classes provided. We should never stop learning. Even if you are a client of Directive Consulting (or a similar company), it’s honestly just wise to have a general knowledge of every element within business. We cannot be professionals in all areas of course, but a general knowledge only provides more fuel for the business and protects the business from mistakes of ignorance. As always, for those reading this review: you are more than welcome to contact me via the linked Google+ for further questions or clarifications. Furthermore, I hope to be seeing some of you at upcoming classes!

- Amanda Nicole Miller

Photographer, Amanda Nicole Miller Photography

These guys know what they are doing, I met them when I was on the verge of releasing my iPhone app, Garrett helped me construct an effective marketing campaign on all fronts. He taught me about email marketing, app store optimization, SEO, and made sure my website had a clear “call to action” before I launched it. Over the past few months, Directive Consulting has helped my app grow twice as quickly as any other app I have made.

- Ford Davis

Founder, Developer, Reframe

Directive Consulting is amazing at what they do taking any step necessary to advance the goal of the client. I have been a client with them for over 6 months now, and have seen an increase in my business due to their SEO methods to obtain my highest search engine rankings. They are extremely knowledgable, professional, and honest team who love their work and getting you results. These guys are the real deal!

- Mike Salcido

Founder, Personal Trainer, MFitness

Tanner does a great job for customer service!

- Doug Damewood

Owner, Gazebo One

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