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10 Best Landing Page Ideas to Boost Conversions in 2021

Are you searching for innovative landing page ideas that can help you increase conversions for your email marketing or PPC advertising campaigns? Landing pages are the focal point of your digital advertising funnel. These are the pages on your website where visitors “land” after clicking on one of your paid advertisements or email marketing links. […]

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Digital Marketing 101: Essential Guide

Are you ready for Digital Marketing 101? If you’re brand new to digital marketing, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the number of available digital marketing channels, the massive volume of information available about each one, and the process of learning to leverage them in your business.  To make the learning process easier, we’ve put […]

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What is a Google Text Ad? Essential Guide in 2021

Why should every digital marketer learn how to create a Google text ad? Text ads, also known as search ads, appear on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) and in other locations throughout the Google search network. In 2021, Google is the most popular search engine, processing almost 6 billion searches per day. Advertisers that […]

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Landing Page Testing: Important in 2021?

Are you wondering whether landing page testing is still important in 2021 and how you can test your landing pages to increase conversions? Landing pages are the specially optimized lead generation or sales pages where your prospective customers “land” after clicking one of your paid advertisements or email marketing links. Learning how to create a […]

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How to Setup Google Tag Manager in WordPress (Step-by-Step)

Looking for instructions on how to set up Google Tag Manager (GTM) on your WordPress account? In this short guide, you’ll discover two ways to set up Google Tag Manager and connect other Google services to your WordPress account.  What is Google Tag Manager? Google tag manager is a free service provided by Google that […]

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5 Top Examples of Website Buttons that Convert

Website buttons can play an important role when it comes to pushing visitors towards the conversion targets on your website or landing pages. Compared to text-based or image-based links, website buttons do a much better job of grabbing the attention of your target audience and directing them towards your on-page conversion targets. In this short […]

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6 Top Landing Page Optimization Tools for 2021

Landing pages have always been a crucial component of the marketing funnel, but marketers haven’t always had access to the amazing landing page optimization tools that are available today. In the past, conversion rate optimization (CRO) was much more complicated for digital marketers interested in improving the performance of their landing pages. Without today’s high-tech […]

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Negative Keyword Match Types: Essential Guide

Using negative keyword match types to customize your keyword targeting can have a significant impact on campaign performance. Adding to your negative keyword list helps ensure that your ads only show for searches that are relevant to the products and services you offer. As a result, you’ll provide more relevant ad experiences for your audiences, […]

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6 Best Ways to Improve Your Landing Page Copywriting

The quality of your landing page copywriting has a major impact on whether potential buyers who arrive on your page choose to buy your product or service. If you can write attention-grabbing and persuasive landing page copy, you’ll be able to grab your visitor’s attention, tempt them with a call to action (CTA), and increase […]

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