How to Become a Content Strategist in 2021


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How to Become a Content Strategist in 2021

Would you enjoy a career planning and developing content for one of your favorite brands? What about collaborating with your own team of writers to deliver engaging content experiences to digital audiences? Do you have a passion for story-telling and a desire to reach millions of people with the messages you craft? If you answered […]

Brian Buiin
September 21, 2020

9 Best Copywriting Tools You’ll Love in 2021

Looking for the best copywriting tools to support your content creation efforts in digital marketing? Writing copy is one of the routine tasks that digital marketers do on a regular basis. From creating text and display ad copy to writing blog posts as part of a content marketing campaign, marketers use persuasive writing in a variety of […]

10 Components of a Great SEO Content Strategy

An SEO content strategy acts as a guiding framework for content planning and the overall execution of your content marketing tactics and initiatives. The purpose of a content strategy is to guide the creation of content that satisfies business objectives. An effective SEO content strategy helps define the objectives of your content marketing campaign, then meet those objectives by […]

5 Best Practices for Writing Content with SEO in Mind

Are you consistently following best practices for SEO content writing when you publish new material on your website or blog? In the search engine era, creating content and blog posts that are SEO friendly while still delivering genuine value and an exceptional user experience for visitors to your web page can be a challenging process. […]

Brian Buiin
April 30, 2020

How to Write a Content Plan in 8 Steps

Figuring out how to write a content plan is one of the major hurdles that digital marketers need to overcome on their way to content marketing mastery. Most digital marketers probably started their first content marketing campaigns without much of a plan at all. Unsurprisingly, we’ve found that this doesn’t usually yield the best results. Even if […]

Brian Buiin
April 29, 2020

How to Find Writers for Your Blog – 25 Best Ways

Our digital marketing experts have known for a while that the overall size of a website impacts its ability to rank in the search engine results pages (SERPs). We’re also confident that most websites get a boost from regularly publishing content, and that publishing content with higher word counts can help with search traffic as […]

Brian Buiin
April 22, 2020

10 Best Content Writing Tools for SEO in 2021

Google uses a complex algorithm with hundreds of weighted factors to index and rank web pages according to their relevance to any given keyword. Digital marketers use empirical testing to learn about Google’s algorithm and understand how to create content that ranks. Based on this understanding, they create and follow best practices for writing content […]

Fresh Content Marketing Strategies That Turn Traffic into ROI

There has never been a better time to utilize content marketing to drive business, create high-quality marketing initiatives, and provide long-term value to your customers or clients. So, how can you stand out from the crowd and create a content marketing strategy that brings in your target audience? I’ll provide nine content marketing strategies that […]

The Importance of Video to Marketing Teams

Time. As marketers, it seems as if we don’t have a lot of it. To save time and provide a critical visual connection to messaging, video content is an essential aspect of marketing for most businesses. From the development of commercials to creating live video content, recording videos often requires specialized equipment and other resources. […]

Yours in Marketing Episode 3 – ft. Tim Schmoyer

Blake Emal: Welcome to the Yours in Marketing podcast. On this week’s episode, I chat with the best and biggest YouTube content strategist on the planet. Mr. Ohio himself, Tim Schmoyer. Tim has trained hundreds of people in the was of effective YouTube content strategy and he’s worked with brands like Disney, HBO, Budweiser, eBay, […]

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